Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Southeast Homeschool Conference 2011

What adorable children stopped by our Maestro Classics Classical Music CDs for Families booth in Atlanta!

Most of all, however, I love to watch the faces of the parents as they discover how to introduce their children to great classical music through stories. Suddenly they are transported to from the din of the convention floor to the concert hall with the London Philharmonic Orchestra playing just for them.

They smile as Juanita the Spanish Lobster complains about her life under the sea. The look anxious as the evil sorcerer turns the beautiful princess into a swan in The Story of Swan Lake. They remember when they were young and read Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel, but now it is with full symphony orchestra and the Irish bagpipes. Sharing the joy of great music with families is a delight.

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  1. Hi Bonnie! Sorry I missed you in ATL. We LOVE your CD of Casey at The Bat. I'm a former music educator and music ed major in college. If you ever need a CD reviewed, etc... please let me know!!!



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