Sunday, December 1, 2013

Who Wrote the Story for Maestro Classics' CD Juanita the Spanish Lobster? A Great English Storyteller

Johnny Morris wrote the story for Juanita the Spanish Lobster

More stories by the author of 

Juanita the Spanish Lobster.

Many years ago, my husband and I purchased a version of Peter and the Wolf recorded with the Northern Sinfonia, an English orchestra that we hardly knew. The young man who recommended it at Tower Records - remember the days of record stores where there were people who recommended music they really liked???? - said, "You have to buy this, not for Peter but for the story on the flip side of the LP." No hiding my age - that was 25 years ago and son Basil was 5.

We all instantly loved the sassy Juanita, and when we started doing the Stories in Music concerts at the Kennedy Center, Juanita was at the top of the "MUST DO" list. 

Juanita the Spanish Lobster was re-recorded on the Maestro Classics recorded with the London Philharmonic Orchestra with Yadu as the narrator. The well-travelled story has gone from LP to CD and now to MP3 downloads. It still is one of my favorites. 

In looking for a photo of Johnny Morris for the new iPad compatible booklet for Juanita the Spanish Lobster, I was delighted to discover that some of Johnny Morris's other stories and his recordings of them are available for download purchase via Amazon's website.
Johnny Morris Reads More Bedtime Stories

I highly recommend them and only wish that more of them had been set to music.

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