Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The Questions Begin

I would like to share some of the interesting questions that followed my talks at the Southeast Homeschool Conference in Atlanta last week.

QUESTION: Is it better for my child to study a little on a lot of different instruments or to focus on just one?

ANSWER: It may take more than one try on more than one instrument to find a good fit, namely one where the child likes to practice most of the time. (No one ever likes to practice all the time!). Once a child seems to have hit upon the right instrument, however, encourage him/herto stick with it. If you don't, you will deprive them of the satisfaction of becoming really good at something. The life lesson of working a little every day and gradually seeing the results as they pile up day after day, is a skill that will apply to everything in life from saving money to working on long college term papers. Encourage them when it is not going well, and cheer them on when it is.

NEXT: At what age should my child begin an instrument?

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