Friday, September 16, 2011

Building a Classical Music Library - Where to Begin

I am going to try to recommend one piece of music each week to help the many people who ask me, "What classical should I have my children listen to?" Sometimes it is music to put in the background while they are doing homework; sometimes it is to ensure that they will not the only people in the room not recognize Beethoven's Fifth Symphony; sometimes it is to share their own love of classical music. So here goes....

This week's recommendation is Beethoven's Symphony No. 6, often called "The Pastorale." I particularly like the recording with the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra (Wiener Philharmoniker, in German), conducted by Karl Böhm Beethoven: Symphony No. 6, Schubert: Symphony No. 5 / Böhm, Vienna Philharmonic Orch.

Listen to the samples. Perhaps you only want to buy the 3rd movement for 99-cents and then decide if you want to purchase the entire album. It also has Schubert's Symphony No. 5. If you have a little patience, the sound quality is always better on the CD, but if you are impatient, as I sometimes am, buy the download.

Happy Listening!

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