Monday, September 19, 2011

Building Your Family's Classical Music Library - No.2


In writing about sports and music, I again listened to Copland's Fanfare for the Common Man. Copland is such an accessible composer that his music almost unfailingly appeals to young people as well as their parents. was an American composer who lived from 1900-1990. Many people think that he has captured the quintessential American sound.

The recording by the Atlanta Symphony has many of Copland's well-known works, so if you listen to the sample of Fanfare for the Common Man, Copland: Appalachian Spring; Rodeo; Fanfare for the Common Man you might also want to listen to the samples of the other short works on the program. As with many of my posts, you will find that you can either select the 99-cent version for your library, or purchase the entire album. The CD has exceptional sound quality; the MP3 is very good, and you can have instant gratification!

If you think your children will enjoy classical music with stories, visit Maestro Classics' website.

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