Monday, November 21, 2011

Final Proofs for The Soldier's Tale Are HERE!

I am so excited! The proofs for The Soldier's Tale arrive in New York City on Saturday and I examined every inch of them. With my very large magnifying glass, I looked at very fold line, every cut line, every photograph and illustration. Check! Check! Check! ALL PERFECT AND APPROVED! When the proofs arrive and are approved, I finally believe that the CD will actually be born. Wow! The beginning of the end of almost a year of work. I must say, the illustrations by Icelandic illustrator Birgitta Sif are unusual and beautiful. The graphic design by our wonderful graphic designer Lou Barnicle continues to surprise and impress me. She is brilliant. Now I try to think of other things while I wait for the boxes finished CDs to arrive in Washington, New York, and Massachusetts.

They really will be here for Christmas!

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