Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Ahhh...the mysteries of Facebook...

I have spent the last two evenings working with Facebook, trying to decipher how to create "Like" pages and understand how they are different from your home page or wall. With husband and music director Stephen Simon, now not only the music director for Maestro Classics CDs for kids, but also the music director for the Simon Sinfonietta in Falmouth, MA on Cape Cod and of L'Orchestre des Portes Rouges, the new orchestra at Church of the Resurrection at 119 East 74th St., in New York City -the man who is still resisting email - the task of bringing him into the 21st century seems to have fallen to me. Ruth Bleakley who works for us at Maestro Classics doing our social networking made it all seem so easy... but she is only 25, which explains a lot. HOWEVER, not to be daunted, I now have two new Facebook pages up on the web so that all those people who hip classical music-loving people who are on Facebook all the time will have an easy place to find info and each other. They can even LIKE us - a verb that has taken on a totally new meaning. Try it!

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