Wednesday, June 29, 2011

What Age is the Best to Start Studying Music?

The easy answer is that it is never too soon to begin introducing your child to music. You begin by singing to them and then with them. You listen to music when you are playing together. You put on music when you are making dinner. I love the story of the great American opera star, Beverly Sills, who said that every morning before her mother put on the coffee, she put on the opera records. When she went for her first voice lesson at the age of 7 she knew 40 arias!

If you are wondering what the right age is to start studying an instrument, like so many things, it depends. If you yourself are interested in studying the violin with your child and your child is interested, you can begin Suzuki violin lessons when they are as young as 3 years old. However, you must be willing to go to the lessons and practice with your child. This can be a lot of fun, but it is a commitment. Three is young, and four is often a better age to begin Suzuki. The six-year-old may be ready for piano lessons. The fourth grader may be ready to study a band instrument. Two things are vital: (1) your child needs to see and hear other children playing instruments, and (2) you have to find a teacher who is truly child-friendly.

If you decide that the time is right - meaning your child wants to do this - remember that the first instrument may not be the right fit (Rent the instrument!) and take some time looking for the right teacher. Remember, if you don't like the teacher, your child probably will not either.

All studies show that studying music helps brain development and improves many other learning skills, and it is fun as well.

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