Friday, June 3, 2011

My husband likes classical music, but...

Last week when I was at the Florida Home School Conference in Orlando, FL at the beautiful Gaylord Palms resort, I had the pleasure of talking to hundreds of parents. One of the most interesting comments came from a mother who said, "My husband likes classical music, but I have always said to him, 'Would you just go into your study and listen to it?' But now that I have been listening to your Maestro Classics CDs, I am getting to understand and really am beginning to like some classical music."

In truth, this mother and daughter were at the Arlington, TX Homeschool Bookfair

I think that all parents who either homeschool or simply sit with their children as they do homework are always amazed at how much they themselves are learning. I remember once saying to my son, who was not particularly interested in Sub-Saharan African history, "I am going to stop complaining; I am getting an excellent education for your very expensive tuition." And over the years I have noted time and again as I was reading the newspaper, that understood an article because I had learned something while studying with one of my sons for a test.

This mother and daughter with our new yellow bags were at Arlington, TX Homeschool Bookfair

Everything that you do musically with your child will enrich your world. Whether you are sitting with your child as she practices the piano or just take the time to listen to a new piece that she has mastered, your own musical knowledge will increase.

When I first began to create concerts for families at the Kennedy Center, I stipulated that there would be no group sales. I wanted a parent, grandparent or family friend who loved classical music to bring a child to the concert hall to share their love of music. Consequently, it was necessary to create programs that challenged the intellects of adults as well as children. There was always parallel learning going on as well as high quality professional music-making on the stage. These concerts with the Washington Chamber Symphony were so successful that there were waiting lists for years!

It was in this spirit that we created the Maestro Classics CD series for kids, but really for families. I always know when a parent comes to our booth at shows and puts on the headset and listens - and the smile spreads across his or her face as they are transported to another place - I know that that they will listen with their children and spread the joy of music.

TAKE-AWAY: Listen to CDs with your kids. Don't just put them on the iPod and give them a headset. You will have lots to talk about with the Maestro Classics CDs. And, someday when they are teenagers, you will continue to talk about their music with them.

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