Friday, December 9, 2011

Christmas Concert at Huddersfield - Dinner with Lord Mayor

The Huddlesfield Choral Society and The Black Dyke Band - 2 of England's Finest!

Despite the signs that said "No Photographs" I could not resist pulling out my camera. I thought that perhaps I would not have another time before Christmas next year and if we are to do something with them for a new CD, I would be devastated if I did not have a picture of this magnificent sight. The Black Dyke Band, one of the 4 great brass bands in England, was founded in 1816! Huddersfield Choral Society was founded in 1830. The Town Hall, above, was built in the 1860s. 

The concert included carols that we don't know in the US, plus old favorites, some pieces just for the brass band (the two soloists on flugel horn and baritone horn were both females - the only ones in the band!), and some audience sing-alongs. The two and a half hour flew by and then we were sitting having dinner with the Lord Mayor with his massive medal on a ribbon around his neck. He could have come from Central Casting, but was appropriately charming.

This definitely is a place to return to in the summer months.

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