Sunday, December 11, 2011

Oh…the Bookstores

         People of all ages are still reading widely here in the UK. I remember the years when our sons were 6 and 7 and looking for easy chapter books with pictures. We would return from London with a suitcase full of these books, as they were almost impossible to find in the USA. 
        Again, in ducking into Waterstone’s (the UK version of Barnes & Noble, I think), the vast array of books, classics interspersed with new fiction, shelves and shelves for young adults, extensive collections of graphic novels (current favorites with our now 20-something sons), all left our suitcases heavier than when we arrived in the north of England.
        I confess, I do buy on Amazon, but I love bookstores so much that I always make a point of buying something when I go in to browse. My current favorite, as I have owned every Mac since the Apple 2e.

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