Saturday, December 3, 2011

How Can I Get My Children to Learn the Christmas Songs I Sang Growing Up?

If it were 2012, the answer would be easy. I would tell you to purchase the new Maestro Classics Holiday Sing-Along Album. But it is not 2012, it is 2011, so here are a few suggestions.

Play the piano (or used to)?
            Go to the local music store and buy a very easy Christmas Carol book that has the words in it. Practice one or two and then have your children sing with you. They will always remember it. If you are having fun, continue to make your way through the book.

Does your child play an instrument?
            Find a very easy Christmas Carol book for their instrument. Teach the words to the other members of the family and then sing it with them.

Plan a Christmas caroling event in your neighborhood.
            Print some word sheets with 6-10 carols that you know and like. Call a couple of families. Invite them to come caroling with you and come to your home for cider and cookies afterwards. There only need to be 8 or 10 of you; you only need to visit a couple of houses; bring along extra word sheets so you can invite folks to join you along the way. You may start a tradition.

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