Saturday, December 10, 2011

The Musical Tradition Lives On

A Little Christmas Music from Huddersfield Shopping Street

           The  musical tradition is strong here in Yorkshire and one can only hope that there will always be brass bands and choral groups that include both the very young and the very old. Last evening the conductor of the Black Dyke Band introduced their youngest member, a percussionist aged 14. “He is not here because he is 14; he is here because he is very, very good. He was a member of the national youth orchestra last year.” This year he will rehearse twice a week and perform in 50 concerts! The average distance that members of Black Dyke travel to rehearsals is 250 miles. (With gasoline at $6-7 a gallon, you know why all the cars are so small.) The Huddersfield Choral Society has a junior choir and is deeply committed to creating the next generation. 

If you play the clip above, you will hear four young musicians (I suspect from the university here) that were busking on this Saturday morning in front of the shops.

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