Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Maestro Classics Continues to Enrich Our Lives

            I probably never would have come to Huddersfield were it not for the new CD project. I can now only wonder how many times we will return as we have met so many delightful, friendly people here. From dinner with the Lord Mayor to the thoughtful lady who knocked on our door slightly after midnight and returned the umbrella that we had left at the reception.  As with playing a video game with the doors that open to unexpected places, we have opened the door to Huddersfield and now it is a place that brings with it a host of mental pictures and the word Huddersfield will never be the same.

            York is coming up next. Better put away the computer and see whether we will be able to see the cathedral. I am tempted to jump off the train and catch the following train to London, but think that York may have to wait until the next trip. I am beginning to get my geography straight, I think.

           I understand that the York Cathedral has an up and coming boy choir. It will have to wait for the next trip, though now that I know that it is just two hours on the high speed train, there will be no excuse for not at least making a day trip out of it.

        Like the Huddersfield hat???

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