Sunday, December 11, 2011

Three Cheers for Train Travel

Transferring at York Train Station
            Just as I was astounded that the bullet trains in Japan ran every half hour, the high speed trains to London run every half hour. We are now going to York where we change for the train to Kings Cross London. The beautiful horses are out with their blankets and occasional rider. I think that we are in a tunnel going under the Pennines, but I will have to check my map. Meanwhile, I have taken out my iPhone to check our speed. I eagerly await the day when we have great trains again in the USA.
            The grass is so green and looks even greener against the red brick houses. The sheep who have made England famous for its wool dot the countryside.  We actually saw someone on the way in playing golf in the rain, but then the rain is the reason that the courses are so beautiful here.  And suddenly we are coming into Leeds; city that looks enormous after Huddersfield. New construction surrounds the old centers, with the sandstone buildings popping through the modern buildings in unexpected places. Just saw the Leeds Cathedral through a slit in the buildings.

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