Friday, December 16, 2011

More Music in London... and a Little Theater

Two More Evenings of Music

And a little theater... very amusing.
The Whitehall Choir pre-concert rehearsal

I love the theater in London (and in New York and in Washington, DC and...) and it would not be a trip to the UK if there were not at least one night at the theater. As I travel around London, I am always surprised when I realize that the rather plain, unattractive post-war buildings that are in the midst of these beautiful Victorian (and older) buildings were all constructed to fill the holes made by the bombs that fell on this beautiful city during WWII. And, when I go into London theaters where the stalls (i.e. orchestra seats) are 3 levels below street level, I always think about the fact that this was a place that was safe during the bombing. If you have not seen "Mrs. Henderson Presents," the 2005 movie with Judi Dench, I highly recommend it. (Probably not for children.)

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